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Health Horizon Forum launches mental health roundtable

Mental Health

Innovation in mental health will be at the forefront of a roundtable discussion bringing together some of the nation’s top mental health experts next month.

On 9 March, the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Science will host the roundtable in Sydney, in partnership with Saltire Capital Partners, as part the first meeting of the Health Horizons Forum initiative.

The roundtable will bring together interdisciplinary experts in the sector to celebrate and advance new ideas, and examine how innovation has the potential to revolutionise how the health sector views and manages mental health in the future.

The development and translation of new innovations that promote good mental health, and that treat and prevent mental illness, into policy and practice could have a significant impact on the Australian community. This roundtable will examine:

  • Successful examples of Australian innovation in mental health
  • Potential future innovations in Australia
  • Barriers to implementing those innovations and how these challenges can be overcome

The Health Horizons Forum is a series of four events that will be held during 2023 to bring together key industry leaders, experts and policymakers to identify the next big ideas that could transform the health of the Australian community in the coming decades.

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