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Insight Series: Capital structure optimisation

Capital Structure Optimisation

Unless you’re one of the few lucky founders or leaders of a mid-market company backed by limitless private wealth, the time will likely come when working capital is needed to fund your company’s operations. Many forms of capital are available, but mid-market companies often turn to either secured bank debt or personal equity financing to inject working capital into the business.

For founders, owners, and executives leading mid-market companies, it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages that different types of financing introduce to a business when used alone or in combination. Many dead unicorns and young companies litter the market floor because they took funding without matching it appropriately to the business need.

Our latest whitepaper is a playbook for what mid-market businesses need to know to optimise capital structure. It covers:

  • explanations of debt and equity financing, with pros and cons of each
  • an overview of capital structures and the debt-to-equity ratio
  • factors influencing capital structure
  • how to optimise the capital structure of your business
  • a case study illustrating the risks and realities of different capital structures.

Download your copy

This playbook is invaluable reading for business owners, founders, and executives leading mid-market businesses that need funding to fuel growth. Download your complimentary copy by completing the form below.

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