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Insight Series: Cyber Security

We are proud to launch the Saltire Capital Partners Insight Series. The series is designed to provide access to our extensive network of seasoned industry leaders, investors & entrepreneurs in a unique one-on-one setting. Here they share with our audience their insights, top tips and advice in relation to issues that are most relevant to mid-market business.

In the first instalment in the series Saltire Capital’s Peter Gardiner sits down with CyberCX’s Charlie O’Connell to discuss Cyber Security:

  • What to do if you experience a Cyber attack
    • Stop the bleed
    • Emergency Response
    • Notify insurance
    • Communicate.
  • 3 Top tips for SME’s in relation to Cyber Security
    • Make it easy to get online for employees
    • Utilise behavioural analytics
    • Identify threats relevant to your actual business and utilise as-a-service tools.
  • Cyber threats in a Mergers & Acquisition context
    • Threat to the transaction
    • Threat from the transaction.
  • Key considerations for SME’s in choosing a Cyber Security provider
    • Reputable
    • Has actual client references
    • Independent
    • Has a deep technical understanding
    • Ideally a software provider.

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