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Insight Series: Venture Capital

Welcome to Saltire Capital Partners Insight Series. The series gives access to our extensive network of industry leaders, thought leaders, investors & entrepreneurs in a one-on-one setting. Here they share their insights and top tips in relation to issues that are most relevant to mid-market business.

In this episode Saltire Capital’s Rahavan Yoganathan sits down with Jelix Venture’s Andrea Gardiner and Ian Gardiner to talk Venture Capital.

  • What is Venture Capital
  • Criteria for investment
    • No harm
    • Calibre of founder and team
    • Relationship between the founding team
    • Deep technology that is innovative and provides a competitive edge.
  • How important is the Pitch Deck?
    • What problem is being solved?
    • How big is the market?
    • How is the problem being solved and why is this a good solution?
  • Managing risk in a VC investment
  • VC investment stages
    • Friends and family
    • Pre-seed
    • Seed
    • Series A, B, etc.
  • Approach to valuation
  • Investment period and rate of return
  • Advice to founders

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