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Our approach

Achieving successful outcomes is our mission.

Agile, innovative and outcomes driven, we use our experience and networks to help entrepreneurs, business owners and executive teams succeed.

How we ensure your success.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and executive teamsWe’re your first point of call. We work with you to mentor leaders, and support your business with scenario planning, risk management, and more. Your success is our success.
StrategyA vision is just a dream without the ability to execute. We help you find, attract, and engage the best teams to help you realise your strategy. We’ve collectively spent 75 years+ building our networks to give you an edge.
CommercialOur networks are unique. We’ll give you access to potential customers, distribution partners, key opinion leaders, and other influencers so you’re free to focus on delivering.
CapitalSome of Australia’s leading commercial lenders, private family offices, and private equity funds back Saltire, creating access to capital sources to help you succeed.
Saltire Lotus Esses

Our capabilities

Saltire Capital Partners is a trusted mid-market advisory firm bringing proven expertise and access to unique networks to help clients achieve outstanding commercial success.

We founded Saltire for two reasons: 

  1. deliver advisory services and capital solutions to the mid-market and health sectors
  2. offer mid-market executives deep commercial expertise and innovative thinking to address business challenges. 
M&A / private treaty advisory services

Engage with business owners, corporates and private equity clients to design and execute tailored sell side processes that maximise value and minimise business disruption and transaction risk. Advice on buy side transactions leveraging the unique perspectives gained from our sell side expertise.

Transaction support / due diligence services

We conduct diligence to help you answer questions about the value drivers of your deal:

Do the principle activities of the target align with the chracteristics that make it a strategic fit?

What are current year earnings on a like-for-like basis, considerring the proposed transaction?

What are historical year-on-year earnings and underlying gorwth and margin trends?

What is year-to-date trading, potential risks and sensitivities to the latest view of the full-year outturn?

What is the nature of items included on the reported balance sheet and potential areas of subjectivity?

What is the quantum and trends in free-cash-flow?

What are the trends, quantum and timing of working capital requirements?

What is the indebtedness of the target organisation?

What is the quality of information available, how is it generated and is it suitable for a finanical appraisal of the target organisation?

Corporate development services

Accelerate corporate development objectives, including project based strategic reviews, acquisition screens and the formulation and implementation of longer-term acquisition-led growth plans.

Restructuring advisory services

Help solve challenging and time sensitive financial circumstances by developing and implementing tailored solutions, including managing stakeholder negotiations.

Capital advisory services

Independent advice on capital raising alternatives across the full spectrum of capital from debt, mezzanine and equity.